100229Carpark Records – March 4th

Where next to go after an album celebrating the future apocalypse by channelling the tunes of fictional pop stars? Well, transcending time via a new extreme-sports based musical genre, obviously. By now nothing should surprise you about Prince Rama except for maybe one thing: their ability to continue churning out such original and idiosyncratic music while avoiding caricature.

Xtreme Now may sound utterly ridiculous, like a new age aerobic workout for the soul, but essentially it is a brilliant record. Whether through the life-affirming soul affectation of ‘Your Life in the End’, the electric folk in ‘Slip into Nevermore’, or the Kate Bush meets Karen O theatre punk of ‘Shitopia’, the Larson sisters are irresistible. To paraphrase what must be their mantra; Believe in something fun. Believe in the Rama.

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