June 26th – Partisan Records

There are places in time and timely locations to which your mind drifts to daydreams first and last thing at night. To anyone attempting to act on these iconographic illusions, refusing to cooperate with factual fate because you know there was something about Talking Heads mentioned in the small print of life presented at heaven’s gates, get yourself checked into Bobby’s Motel ASAP. But remember, pseudonyms are the preferred choice for folk ‘Speaking In Tongues’.

Whilst some beat around the bush to get to the point of self-discovery, on their debut LP Welcome To Bobby’s Motel, Montreal’s Pottery upheave influenced groundings and transport them, along with a plethora of drummed distinction, towards a horizon of cowbell certainty.

This motel, if that’s even its real name, is a multi-functional space that serves to both accommodate and inspire the new-wave wayward. A home away from home, away from previous palpable premise, any suggestion that Bobby’s digs could be anything other than a full-service establishment (so long as Pottery are in town) is a total myth. 

You see my friends, just because something comes across a certain way doesn’t make it a literal replica. When Parquet Courts clattered on about ‘Sunbathing Animal’s they weren’t ranting literally, and so for Pottery, as much as their rhythmically restless repetitions do, at times, balm in monastically lived-in homages, the mannered mayhem presented to us here is one which no-one has fully ventured into previously. 

When stepping out into the real world has become a cause for celebration, wouldn’t you be a fool for not following ‘What’s in Fashion?’ Noting the breath-taking trends of freedom, funk, freak-out and Devo Suits, previously showcased in the ‘Hot Heater’ and ‘Texas Drums’ collections, here you ask for one groove-guise, and in return, you’re given eleven co-ord’s of well-fitted clamour. 

Every conscious-cracked corner of Bobby’s Motel oozes in advantageous content – like a 7-Eleven hotbed for maverick-organisms. On ‘Reflection’, front-hurler Austin Boylan plays with destiny and is presented with expanded empathy. A marbled trip away from saturated fever, it unfolds aimfully; subtly trapping attention like a moody mosquito net, strung up within the gauzy curtains of internalised observation, and those mandatory-railings which cage up the windows between liberation and societal confinement. 

On last count, there were approximately 86,616 hotel and motels businesses in the US as of June 2020. Nothing has officially changed, however one must note that the technicalities of Bobby’s Motel are actually far more complex than meets the inspectors cut. This is the sound of a squadron of percussion posing as human players and so when searching for experienced alternatives, there really is no other competitor. Welcome, To Bobby’s Motel.

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Photo credit: Luke Orlando