Secretly Canadian – March 13th

Porridge Radio’s Every Bad plays like a vivisection of the human psyche, each track dredging up anxieties in a way that’s so honest it’s as if no one were ever meant to hear. All instruments are featured through a cocoon of introspection, and we’re carried along by singer, Dana Margolin’s beautiful and often contradictory vocals.

‘Give/Take’ is a masterclass in garage rock, while the sweeping, transcendental euphoria of ‘Don’t Ask Me Twice’, solipsistic pop of ‘Born Confused’ and building, brood ‘Lilac’ are equally glorious. An album of extremes, Every Bad achieves the enviable feat of being hopeful and embittered, tangled and immaculate, and as classic sounding as it is relevant to 2020.

Photo by El Hardwick.

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Live: Village Underground on October 20th