Domino – March 13th

“I think I was as lost as I was madly in love,” Porches’ Aaron Maine has said of Ricky Music. Across 11 songs, the New Yorker stumbles through heartbreak with looser structures and an undercooked production style that sometimes lands but often misses. Those searching for the slick house grooves of 2016’s Pool or the warped techno-pop flirtations of 2018’s The House won’t find more of the same here.

Ricky Music instead revises the intimacy of Maine’s 2013 debut but imbues his songs with his latter-day electronic turns and pitch-bent vocals. ‘Rangerover’, Maine’s collaboration with Dev Hynes, is by far the highlight: a skulking, rich synth-pop ballad that encapsulates feeling both sorrowful and hopeful post-breakup. More of this please, and a bit less moping, on whatever’s next.

Photo by Max Hirschberger.

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