Pond – Man It Feels Like Space Again // Album Review

89531Caroline – January 26th

In the post-Lonerism age, success is ephemeral; fashion is fickle. With so many groups hopping on the lysergic bandwagon, the chassis is straining. Rewind to the halcyon days of 2012, when Pond’s psychonautical fourth album Beard, Wives, Denim exploded fragmentary minds everywhere. Originally intended as the follow-up, Man It Feels Like Space Again was temporarily shelved due to touring constraints. The added time has enabled the group (sans Kevin Parker) to get it on point. It’s focused and concise, brimming with glam warmth on tracks like ‘Elvis’ Flaming Star’ and ‘Outside Is The Right Side’, while ‘Medicine Hat’ apes the open-road orchestration of The Band. Warm your feet on the hearthrug and drop a little something in your cocoa. Perth’s psychedelic coterie has your mind.


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