POND band portraits at Electric Brixton, London, pre sold out show 6th November 2019

Ahead of the release of their live studio album Sessions, and their return to the stage in London as they wrap up their UK/EU 2019 tour, we had a chat to Nick Allbrook, Jay Watson, Joe Ryan, Jamie Terry and James Ireland of Australian psychedelic-rock band POND on touring, performing and their musical projects.

POND at Electric Brixton, pre sold out show 6th November 2019

Having released their 8th studio album Tasmania in March this year, POND is the five-piece band reigning from Western Australia, who are captivating audiences globally with their distinctive sound. Touring relentlessly across North America, Europe, UK and Australia, their fusion of rock, psychedelic-rock and pop elements continue to evolve into an extensive array of records successfully streaming into the international music scene. Their latest release Sessions comprises of material from their extensive discography, exploring diverse compositions of previously established tracks and capturing the band’s recent live performances into an album, recorded live whilst touring Europe earlier this year.

POND live at Electric Brixton, 6th November 2019

Photographer/Writer Lua Prichard had a chat with the Aussie lads pre show:

How has your EU/UK 2019 tour been so far?

(Joe) “Fun.”
(Nick) “It’s been a good one, it’s been really fun. It’s been some good, real sweaty, mad shows. Copenhagen, and last night in Leeds were really fun.”

Do you find a difference in the crowds between Europe and the UK?

(Jay) “We were anticipating the British crowds to be really crazy because historically they have been for us, more leery, but it seemed like the rest of Europe. They seemed less yell-y than they used to be.”
(Jamie) “Some big football chants”
(Jay) “It’s still classic, really good, really rowdy and English, but a bit more respect probably.”

How do you guys manage when you’ve released so much music and you have those certified bangers under your belt that crowds want to hear, but then the new work you want to release; how do you compose your set lists?

*Joe points to Jay* (Joe) “He does it”
(Jay) “We all kind of decide; I just write the order of the songs we choose, but there’s always a couple of songs in your set list, or with us anyway, that we are looking forward to getting rid of next, but then you need to have a new batch to come in to push them out. So we have made lots of songs up in the past but there’s only 10% or something that we feel like playing these days, you know, as taste’s change.”

Do you feel as if you’ve reached a point where you can now play what you want to play rather than what you feel like audiences want to hear?

(Jay) “Yeah I think luckily, like 4 of the 5 or 8 of the 10 most popular POND songs we really like still, and we really like playing, which is good. A couple of them we don’t really do because we don’t feel comfortable doing them, but it’s not too bad. There are other artists that have their like biggest songs, couple of songs that they can’t get rid of, so it’s pretty good for us.”

What are you looking forward to going into tonight’s show?

(Jay) “I think it might be one of our biggest shows ever of our own shows, so that’s pretty cool.” (Jamie) “Nice curry”
(Joe) “Getting a nice Japanese”

How would you sum up your 2019 EU/UK tour?

(Jay) “It’s been very good.” (Nick) “Fireworks”
(Jamie) “Lots of fireworks” (Joe) “One van breakdown” (Jay) “Broke van” (Joe) “One Joe meltdown”
(Nick) “There’s been a few meltdowns- you had a meltdown.”
(Jay) “I have one sort of mini one every two weeks”
(Joe) “It’s only been a two week tour but it feels a lot longer on the road”

View the full gallery from their Electric Brixton show on November 6th below. All words and photos by Lua Prichard.