facebooktwitterPom Poko have only been Pom Poko since late 2016 but their wonderfully wonky brand of alt-pop feels far more finessed. The Norwegian quartet blend mind-bendingly rhythmical instrumentation – often driven discodancing basslines and chord progressions – with infectious power-pop work that sits somewhere brilliantly between The Knife and Tune-Yards. The melodies which soar out above the intricate backing play an integral part in the success of Pom Poko. Strip away the icy, hypnotic accompaniment in the verses of recent single ‘You’ll Be Fine’ and you’re left with the bones of a beautiful ballad; hit the chorus though and the quartet unleash their most crowd-pleasing, smileinducing and wholly empowering idea to date. Stick with Pom Poko in the year to come and you’ll be more than fine, you’ll be great.

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