This week, DIY Pop upstart Polly Money released her debut EP, Trip2020.  It’s a collection of songs that follow the highs & lows of a twenty-something girl, releasing her first bunch of songs in the strangest of times with strong themes surrounding sexuality and age. We caught up with Polly below.

How’s lockdown been for you, Polly?

Ah man lockdown’s been weeeirdd. Since I started music I’ve never gone this long without a live gig but it’s been a good time to get my guitar chops up to scratch, I wanna be shredding by the time shows start up again so I’ve been doing lots of that. It turns out you definitely get more drunk on a zoom party than a party irl. I’ve been writing a fair amount, talking lots with friends and family and playing lots of ping pong so all in all lockdown hasn’t been so bad.

You’ve managed to keep busy, and have an EP titled “Trip2020” this week.  Can you tell us a bit about what it’s about?

Well to be honest I feel like my Twenties so far have been a bit trippy. I’ve experienced my biggest highs and lows in the past few years and the year 2020 feels like the peak of it all so it felt fitting to call this collection of songs Trip2020.

Who’s music have you been listening to most for inspiration?

Caroline Polachek for sure, I think she’s so dope! Her music came out and it felt so fresh and a real jet of inspiration for me. I like a steady mix of Daniel Ceaser, Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Muna and HER for current inspirations.

What do you hope listeners will take on board from hearing your music? 

I hope listeners find things they relate to in my music like I find in so many of the musicians I listen to. I write a lot about love and that’s something everyone has felt in some way so I hope at least one person listens to my music and feels it reflects their experiences. For me this applies in particular to any queer listeners out there, as despite the emergence of lots of incredible lgbtq+ artists I still feel there’s a definite lack of queer voices in the mainstream.

What’s 2021 got in store for you?

Well hopefully we’ll all be gigging again! Definitely more music – we’ve got a stack of songs racking up so it’s onto the next project and making that sound somewhat ready for the world.

Watch the racy new video for “In The Dark” below:

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