Poliça // Tales From The City

It means a lot to Poliça that we get the privilege to come to London to play our music, and London has treated us very well with each visit. We have spent more nights in London since we formed this band than we have in any other city in the world outside of Minneapolis. We’ve sat on park benches that are older than the city we are from, made long-lasting friendships with many people, and seem to discover wonderful new things every time we come here. With only four years under our belts as a band, we have felt a connection to London from the very beginning.

In November of 2012, when we found out that we had sold out Shepherd’s Bush Empire, we were beyond excited because it was the largest venue we had played up until that point. Not only the history of the venue, but also the support of the people in London had motivated us to want to give the best show we could, and offer something unique and interesting for the audience. At the time, we had a song called ‘Dark Star’ getting a lot of play on the BBC, so we thought we would just come out and give it to them right away. Our brilliant record label heads advised us against it, but we are artists and were sure it was a good idea. Not only would we play it first, but we decided it was a good idea to improvise a new intro by looping the beginning for a while before kicking into the actual song. Great idea, right? Wrong. I forgot to undo the beginning loop, and we proceeded to play our big radio hit with just bass and drums, and none of the electronic layers that make the foundation of the song recognizable. The confused and unimpressed look on the face of the virtually silent crowd still haunts me to this day. I like to think we recovered by the end of the set, but I am sure we left an embarrassing impression on many of those who came. London, please accept this apology for that “bold, artistic move”, and thank you for not leaving after the first song.

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