Playlounge – Pilot // Album Review

playloungeDog Knights Productions // April 14th

This Lewisham noise-pop duo bring us their full-length debut album in the form of the scuzzy party that is pilot. Clocking in at just under 33 minutes, it’s reminiscent of early 2000s Emo, but drenched in its own glorious lo-fi sauce. The traditional drawback to a two-piece is the difficulty in generating a large amount of noise, but drummer/vocalist Saam and guitarist Laurie cause enough chaos with their relentlessly bratty approach to make up for the small pool of personnel available. The record is single-minded in its approach, but that’s what’s so enjoyable about it; it’s simplistic and fun without ever trying to pretend it’s something else.


Buy: Playlounge – Pilot (Probably the most amazing vinyl ever)

Live: The Old Blue Last – April 29th (free)