Perfectly channelling the nostalgia and cosmic heights encapsulated in their name, Planet 1999 are the latest PC Music signing and also the first and only band to sign to the label. With their debut EP Devotion out now, get to know some of their sonic influences including Uli K, Hannah Diamond, and Croatian Amor.

Across Devotion the French trio delivers dreamy, lo-fi pop and hazy shoegaze for a gloriously transcendental listen. Opening with the pared-down, celestial ‘Spell’ Planet 1999 instantly draw you into their world before the infectious candied pop of ‘Party’ sets in, along with the hypnotic, silken ‘Replay’ later in the release. Described by the band as “16 minutes of love to take away” Devotion is a shimmering, rose-tinted trip entrenched in 90s nostalgia.

The trio has also created some excellent, lo-fi videos to accompany each track on the EP that feature their colourful mascot Zippy and fully establish their aesthetically pleasing orbit.

Get to know Planet 1999 In Five…

Cocteau Twins – Cherry-coloured Funk

Discovering Cocteau Twins a few years ago definitely was a life-changing moment for all of us. ‘Heaven or Las Vegas’ may have been our biggest inspiration for ‘Devotion’, as we really wanted the same ‘happy to be sad’ mood throughout the EP. Plus we love how the music sounds digital/dreamy/drowned into chorus, and the fact that there are no real lyrics, it makes you focus more on emotions rather than meaning.

Hannah Diamond – Fade Away

This song is everything we love about PC Music, it sounds so simple and sincere, and so modern at the same time. We love the production, the chopped vocals and the minimalist lyrics. It’s a really emotional song for us, because we listened to it a lot while making the EP, and we didn’t know we would end up signing with PC Music a few months later!

Frank Ocean – Provider

We listened to the ‘Blonde’ album a thousand times, but ‘Provider’ might be our main inspiration when it comes to how we treated the vocals on the whole EP, i.e. with tons of flanger/chorus etc.

Croatian Amor – Love Means Taking Action

We went to see Croatian Amor live in a church in Paris while making the EP and it was a very moving moment.

Uli K – Bye

For our first EP we wanted to keep a demo/lofi feeling, and Uli K was the perfect inspiration for this, we absolutely love the whole compilation, its imperfections and its authenticity.

‘Devotion’ is out on PC Music now.