Why do you live in London?

It’s been a wonderful place to live. It’s full of memories, friends and the potential to create more of both.

What are your go-to places to eat and drink?

Connubio de Fabio in Muswell Hill. It’s a short walk away, the food is superb and he has some awesome wines. For general wandering Southbank, Upper Street or Soho.

Do you have any favourite outdoor spaces?

Hampstead Heath for Summer mooching, Primrose Hill on a clear evening.

Favourite place to get some peace & quiet?

Coldfall Woods or Alexandra Park.

Do you prefer London in the sun or in its regular overcast glory?

In the sun unless there have been more than a few days of it. We tend to start finding it a problem after a few days for some reason.

Where’s your favourite place to hide from the rain?

The pedestrian tunnels on the Southbank of the river between Southwark and London bridges.

What’s the bit of London you live in got that the rest of London hasn’t?

It’s over the lip of the basin so the air is fresher. We’re surrounded by large green spaces in N10.

What’s the best way to spend one great day here?

Be with people you love. Chat over bread, cheese and a bottle of wine or two in Alexandra Park then wander into Muswell Hill for dinner.

Do you have any favourite venues?

The Southbank Centre (and we’re not just saying that because we’re playing there soon). It’s the diversity of spaces in that complex, their program and the surrounding area that make it a great place to go out night or day.

Does living here influence your music?

Possibly, it feels like people are busy around us even when we’re in the studio. That energy must account for something.

What’s the worst thing about London?

The cost of accommodation.

How would you advise someone to get the most out of living here?

Go and see as many shows and exhibitions as possible, you’ll learn the layout of the city and perhaps meet a few new friends in the process.

Photo by Tom Saccenti.

Live: Southbank Centre on February 28th