100247Club AC30 – February 26th

Last January saw instances of the words ‘Russian’ and ‘shoegaze’ appearing in the same sentence increase exponentially all thanks to the debut album from Pinkshinyultrablast. A year on and it’s something we’re over and not really in need of repeating. Thankfully though, follow up album Grandfeathered throws a few curve-balls and sees the band carve out more of an identity. Opener ‘Initial’ dives into a brave new world of tectonic electro, sounding like Aphex Twin remixing Cocteau Twins, while ‘Glow Vastly’ and ‘I Catch You Napping’ inject fresh momentum with post-punk and math influences. That’s not to say the Pinkshinies have discarded old habits completely though; each track is coated with seismic amounts of reverb, making this nu-gaze with the grandest of pretentions.

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