We’re listening to Hazel Scott’s ‘For You, For Me, Forevermore’ as we type this on a Sunday afternoon and, we’ve got to say, it feels pretty damn good. The reason we’re listening? It’s because March 29th is looming and that day (88 keys on the piano, 88 days in the year takes us to March 29th) sees Float present Piano Day again in London. And what’s Piano Day? Well, it’s the brainchild of one Nils Frahm, started in 2015 and seeks to do nothing more complicated than celebrate all things piano. Which, let’s face it is something that’ll be a) really enjoyable and b) will make us all feel a little bit smarter. Once again our friends at Float are putting on a really special Piano Day event, this time at the Town Hall Hotel, and to get us in the mood for it the Float team, and performing artists, have chosen a selection of little-known piano tracks they think we should all know and cherish. Hazel Scott was a great start, and now we’re going to listen to the rest…

Hazel Scott was a musical prodigy who could play classically but also go punk on the piano too. She was passionate about breaking down racial barriers in the music and film industry and once refused to play when she saw people had been seated separately according to their race. She’s an incredible inspiration. I’d highly recommend listening to her albums as she’s often forgotten about. Sofia Ilyas (Founder, Float)

I discovered Girma Yifrashewa a few years ago when we shared a bill in NYC. He finds a perfect balance between the best aspects of folk music from his native Ethiopia and the western classical tradition, whatever that means. What draws me most to Girma (and another Ethiopian piano favourite Emahoy Tsegué-Maryam Guèbrou) is the depth of touch, particularly in the left hand. It has a way of sucking in your brain and forcing it still. Bing & Ruth (Artist)

Irving Fields is not exactly an undiscovered artist, but a bit forgotten I’d say, and worth rediscovering. Died at the age of 101, his ‘Where shall I go’ on his 1959 record Bagel and Bongos is evocative, melancholic and it combines a brilliant musical flow with a virtuoso piano playing. Andrea Belfi (Artist)

Guillaume Poncelet is an active producer and composer based in Paris who just released his first solo piano album; a work that he started back in 2014. ‘Morning Roots’ is a beautiful track – simple and unpretentious, moving on a constant flow. Sebastian Plano (Artist)

Duval Timothy’s playing has this touch and weight that allows simple structures to weave detailed narratives. There is so much storytelling in his work. Creating full bodied characters lines of melody, his changes create a world for them to exist in. I find it hard to listen to his music and do anything else because the imagery is so consuming. Francis Redman (Creative Director, Float)

Piano Day takes places March 29th at the Town Hall Hotel. Tickets and full details available on wearefloat.co.uk