Phantogram // Tales from the City


Sarah and I were in London for a little bit and were staying with a friend in Lewisham because we had some days off. It was a beautiful sunny day outside and it’s not often that we get a full day off in London, so we decided to start our day off at a coffee place somewhere in town. We sat outside, drank our espresso and finally enjoyed a day of rest, one where we didn’t have to worry about tuning a guitar or plugging in our keyboard. We were probably talking about something amazing too, like how we were going to end world poverty or something. Anyway, as we’re talking, this weird drunk dude wearing a once white t-shirt,now seemingly bathed in blood came over. I’m not talking about dried blood either (not like that’s any better), but it looked like fresh blood – like he just killed a guy, and then said to himself, “all this killing has got me down, I could go fora coffee.”

So he comes over and starts harassing us, trying to get cigarettes off of me, screaming obscenities, and causing a scene. And I didn’t want to touch the guy.I don’t like fighting but I definitely don’t like fighting crazy people. They don’t reason with things quite like you and I would – you just never know what they’ll do. So the first thing that ran through my head was how I was going to karate kick him to get him away from us while keeping distance between me and him. Luckily, right before I got up to karate kick him in the face (my karate kicks are very accurate), a cop came over and got him out of the way.

We continued on, drinking our espresso, solving the world’s bigger problems one sip at a time.


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