Peter Broderick – Colours Of The Night // Album Review

92960Bella Union – April 27th

“Peter Broderick’s album is beautiful.” Dave said to me. Deferring to my deputy editor’s judgement, I decided to give it a go: Recorded over three weeks with local musicians in Lucerne, Switzerland, Colours Of The Night blurs Broderick’s passion for story-telling folk music, orchestral strings and intricacies, stratospheric film soundtracks, and pulsing hip-hop. Opening track ‘Red Earth’ blurs analogue and digital, ‘Colours of the Night’ is dappled with Afro beats, there’s a definite swing to ‘The Reconnection’, whilst ‘Our Best’ bounces with its brass and horn section. Sparseness is at play, like on the a cappella ‘If I Sinned’ – which consists of over 30 tracks of Broderick’s voice – and the instrumental album closer ‘Rotebode’, played on piano with field recordings from the surrounding Swiss mountains. Oh, and it’s beautiful. Turns out Dave was right.

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