100634x2 Records – April 1st

If you and I got together to make a series of studio albums, we’d probably just be churning out a few unreleased demos and whacking a cover on by our thirteenth. But you and I are not the Pet Shop Boys and we are not in one of the most fruitful creative collaborations of all time. The one thing Super is not is tired; it crackles with energy and is at once lusty, sad and amazing. On what other album this year will you find club-ready hits about a dictator longing to be overthrown, melancholy machinery, millennial dickheads and the long and possibly unending pursuit of happiness? You and I don’t have to make this stuff, thank god. We just have to decide whether to dance or cry: the correct answer is both.

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Live: Royal Opera House – July 20th – 23rd (sold out)