Penny For Your Thoughts // Lucie Grace

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Vinyl is for life, not just for Record Store Day

This April when you stroll past Rough Trade and look through the window at all the gorgeous LPs and cute little 45’s, cooing to your friends and loved ones as you point and ask “can we get that one?”, I implore you to stop and think: is vinyl really for you? It’s a huge commitment and I think you should know a few truths first. Once you dive in and decide to be an owner, there is no going back. You’ll become one of those insufferable people who claim they enjoy the crackling sound as a stylus passes yet another scratch. You will sacrifice hot dinners for weeks on end if it means winning that first Yeah Yeah Yeahs album on picture disk on eBay that has caught your eye. You will come to realise how expensive the upkeep of a good record collection is, as now you’ve got that first Yeah Yeah Yeahs record you’ll need everything else they’ve ever released. You will never want to move house ever again unless you have Arnold Schwarzenegger on hand to carry your crates. You will miss your records when you go on holiday as it’s just not the same with an iPod. You most certainly won’t ever emigrate or live abroad. You will be tied down, weighed down, ever searching for that limited edition Record Store Day Release that slipped through your fingers, for the rest of your life. I fucking love my record collection more than life itself, but would I wish this on anyone else? I’m just not sure.