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Ghosts by Japan

Ghosts is one of the weirdest, most singular singles to grace the Top 5.   It has no drums and is very, very quiet for the most part.  It’s exotic, beguiling, unusual, empassioned, beautiful and very, very memorable.  Whatever box ticking is required for a hit single, Ghosts has none of it, save a half-spoken chorus of sorts.

Japan were a band that took years to find themselves and were pushing, if not forward, then at least outward, to see what they might become.  Ghosts is about that yearning to move on, hindered by the past and, to me, always felt of-a-pair, sonically and thematically, with This Mortal Coil’s take on Song To The Siren.

I’d never ever heard music like Ghosts before; never mind massive hit singles.  Hearing it for the first time felt like the world was whisked silently away as you were parachuted through the night into someone else’s dream.  Waking, trapped in a dark, secluded house, the eerie silence interrupted only by floorboards creaking, half heard static and whispers that draw you into room after room and finally reveal themselves as your own thoughts.  The sickening gut punch of finally realising something you’ve half known for ever.   The dream is real and the person turning the key in the lock is you; always has been and always will be.  If you haven’t, you should.

David Laurie