Peluché // Live Review


Servant Jazz Quarters – March 26th

The best thing about seeing Peluché at Servant Jazz Quarters tonight isn’t just witnessing them bringing a little slice of summer into a dingy low-lit basement, but also realising how much potential the three-piece have to bathe in the sunlight of huge summer festival stages. Despite a charming awkwardness and ony having one single to their name, they fly through their handful of tracks that explore everything from lighthearted, jangly indie pop, to the smoothed-out lounge vibes of single ‘Sin’ and even afro-beat, world music-tinged jams.

It’s all a bit like watching Haim in their early days, if Haim then went on to make music that sounded a bit like Vampire Weekend making music that’s more avant garde than anthemic. They’ve got a solid dynamic on stage – though not tight yet, there’s a quality to their playfulness that makes the breeziness of their material all the more engaging.

“That’s all we’ve got, I’m sorry!” they declare at the end of a set that’s definitely over far too quickly. It’s hard to tell whether the demand for more is coming from a bunch of close friends or a genuinely captured audience, but one thing that’s confirmed when they burst into another round of single ‘Sin’ is that given time, Peluché could become a staple in summertime playlists.