Now on their fourth album, Peggy Sue has perfectly honed their distinct and dreamy blend of rich, dulcet harmonies, hazy surf-rock guitars, and reverb-drenched basslines. Ahead of their new album Vices coming out this Friday, the duo shares five tracks that have influenced this record.

Their first release since 2014’s Choir of Echoes, the new record marks a hugely welcome return for the London based duo and purveys a certain sense of self-assurance in their identity. After a four-year break Rosa Slade and Katy Young took things back to the band’s earlier days, recording in their living rooms and stripping everything back to find the essence of Peggy Sue. And the result is a glorious listen and tribute to the journey they’ve both been on throughout the band’s varying evolutions. “We’ve never had an album that bookmarks such an incredible period of time,” Slade expresses of the album. “It’s a really powerful thing. It has seen us through very difficult times personally, and as a band.”

With their new album out this Friday, get to know Peggy Sue In Five…

Slumber Party – Strawberry Sunday

I want to give this album a little shout out because I don’t know how I found it (I think it was probably a gift from the algorithms) but I listened to it a lot while we were writing and recording ‘Vices’ and I think I was really inspired by the sounds and moods of it’s little world. There were other phenomenal albums that we were listening to and definitely influenced the new record – like Masterpiece by Big Thief and Mug Museum by Cate le Bon and Calico Review by Allah-Las – but you all already know about those.

The Cure – Just Like Heaven 

A lot of the songs on ‘Vices’ are about a pretty unhealthy relationship that was probably not a very good idea… but my ex did get me really into The Cure and between them, him and Robert Smith helped me learn how to write better choruses, so you know, you win some you lose some.

Deep Throat Choir – Stonemilker 

DTC was started by our friend Luisa and we both joined around the time we finished touring Choir of Echoes. All those voices and brilliant women have inspired ‘Vices’ in ways big and small, and most importantly by making our lives more tender and joyful than we could possibly have imagined.

Breeders – All Nerve

By the time this Breeders record came out Vices was already three quarters done, but there had been a lot of hurdles and delays and I think we were a bit defeated by trying to get it finished and out in the world. This album and their show at the Electric Ballroom became a bit of a turning point though – gave us the energy and belief that we needed to keep going. Obviously we are constantly trying to write a song as beautiful as Off You too.

La Luz – Sure as Spring

We love these girls and their songs and all we aspire to is to be as cool and kind and awesome at music as they are.

‘Vices’ is out this Friday on French Exit.

Live: 27th Feb – Rough Trade East
        9th April – The Dome