105653Warp Records – September 16th

Much of the criticism levelled at patten’s previous record, 2014’s Estoile Naiant, stemmed from its inability to feature as anything other than background noise. Odd, perhaps, when you consider that the largely anonymous duo had been famed in underground circles for championing a strain of electronica that baffled and hypnotised in equal measure. If their innovation felt somewhat strangled by the last album, Ψ (Psi) is a gritty, snarling bastard of a rebirth. There’s crunching industrial screech in the form of ‘Blade’ but plenty to marvel at too; the glistening ‘True Hold’ that mesmerises from its opening seconds, the haunting beauty of ‘Cache’ and the offbeat rave of ‘Used 2 b’. While nothing can compete with their live show, Ψ is an electrifying reminder of what patten can create.

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Live: Corsica Studios – September 28th