the-golden-age-of-bullshit-partybabyIn the words of another larger-than-life California character, Ron Burgundy, “Boy, that escalated quickly.” PARTYBABY weren’t even a thing barely a year ago. Now look what they’ve gone and done.

The LA good-time-bringers’ debut album may have been surprise released, but the strength of its contents is no less than expected. Previously released hook-volcanoes ‘Your Old Man’, ‘Everything’s Alright’ and ‘I Don’t Wanna Wait’ have always felt vital but they become even more so as components of a full work – and the new material that joins them is just the same in that respect.

‘California’, ‘Don’t Say It’ and ‘New Years 2014 on a Beach (Felicity)’ can be filed somewhere between the anthemic qualities of Blue Album Weezer and FIDLAR’s infectious bratty-ness, but The Golden Age Of Bullshit is ultimately defined by the bookending pairing of ‘Overcome’. The acoustic ‘(Intro)’ sees frontman Jamie Reed in a helpless state, taking online stress self-assessments, crushed under the weight of “the overload of information” that’s got him “so low” in this hyper-connected age.

By the time the ‘(Outro)’ rolls around, though, PARTYBABY have obliterated despair and firmly planted hope in its place. Revisiting the seven prior tracks by dropping in and sewing together snippets of them so effectively that at first the familiarity goes right over your head, it’s the clearest indicator yet of the sheer ingenuity that powers their sonic fun factory.

There’s plenty more to come from PARTYBABY – they admit as much – but as new band mission statements go, The Golden Age Of Bullshit is about as compellingly convincing as they come. Greatness awaits.

Stream: PARTYBABY – The Golden Age of Bullshit