By day a vibrant vintage store and by night an equally vivacious live music hub, as well as housing a bar and yoga studio, Paper Dress Vintage is a real gem of a venue. To lift everyone’s spirits, and get you ready for what will be a truly celebratory party once this is all over, the wonderful folk at Paper Dress Vintage have curated a joyous disco-filled playlist.

As music venues across the country and the people that keep these spaces running face uncertainty amidst the unprecedented Covid-induced circumstances now, more than ever, is a crucial time to support grassroots and DIY venues. Check out Paper Dress Vintage’s Crowdfunder video below and support them here if you can.

And, without further ado, let Paper Dress Vintage set the scene and inject some disco-fuelled joy into your day…

Disco Apocalypse

*NEWSFLASH* There’s the mother of all asteroids approaching the earth’s orbit and it’s going to impact in 103 minutes. Rolling news suggests the epicentre for impact is now Hackney, East London (‘Good!’ I can hear some of you South Londoners scoff, don’t worry it’s going to get you too). So, what do you do? Put on your finest outfit, assemble some friends and get in the garden with a bucket full of margaritas, roll out the PA and the smoke machine. 20 disco tunes to blow you to smithereens.

It’s not quite that bad but still any day we’re feeling low and we want to block out the outside world we turn to Disco. We’ve spent the past 2 weeks cancelling and postponing shows at Paper Dress which is exactly the opposite of what we enjoy doing. We’re closed for the foreseeable and the future for Grassroots Music Venues up and down the country looks bleak.

When this is over we’re going to be throwing a huge party and many of these tunes will feature, you can even buy a ticket for it now via our Crowdfunder page.

Support Paper Dress Vintage’s Crowdfunder here.