103144Rough Trade – May 20th

German producer Pantha du Prince, aka Hendrik Weber, aimed to introduce more “human elements” into his strain of mercurial, ambient techno, in this his first full­-length offering since his acclaimed third album Black Noise. On the contrary, The Triad has a more celestial than earthly atmosphere, largely due to its transient arrangements. Sparse vocals, scattering snares, humming bass and distant bells continually morph and form nocturnal movements that transport you far beyond ‘human’ and into a much more intriguing place. This is particularly true on the wistful ‘In An Open Space’ and the aptly­-titled ‘You What? Euphoria!’ The Triad is a beautiful record, best enjoyed as a whole; an asterism of mutating beats and twinkling droplets of unfamiliar sounds that maintain a gripping hold throughout.

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Live: Jazz Cafe – June 3rd