Panda Bear – Panda Bear Meets The Grim Reaper // Album Review

88438Domino – January 13th

…in which our protagonist Noah Lennox comes face to face with the angel of death. And, armed only with some instruments and a bucketful of reverb, fends off the reaper with a collection of angelic, echoing songs. Gone is the sparse minimalism of ‘Tomboy’ and back is the heavily (and heavenly) layered loops that made Person Pitch so beguiling. But, with the addition of some old skool hip-hop influences, it also hits harder than that album. The first half squelches and reverberates. ‘Mr Noah’ crunches through (with added dog barks) while ‘Boys Latin’ sounds like a pogo-ing church choir, before ‘Tropic of Cancer’s heartfelt harp work heralds a dreamier second side (with ‘Selfish Gene’ exquisite). And, as we look on, we know that our hero has triumphed. The death (of blissful electronic music) has been averted again.


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Live: Electric Brixton – March 4th