Palace // Live Review


St Pancras Old Church – October 19th

St Pancras Old Church seems like the ideal venue to host an intimate night of music by London newcomers Palace. The foursome have accrued a small wealth of praise from all your usual indie outlets for their two atmospheric tracks ‘Bitter’ and ‘Veins’. Both tracks served as a taster to their Lost In The Night EP and tonight is ostensibly about giving them a chance to promote it.

The hushed and holy atmosphere at this sold-out show enables songs like ‘Ocean Deep’ to really immerse. A projected water surface effect shimmers on all the iconography behind them as frontman Leo Wyndham’s melodic voice projects effortlessly down the nave of the church. The inclusion of a half-finished song in their set suggests that maybe the hype has caught them unawares at this point, but the sliding chords and funky basslines of new song ‘Tomahawk’ indicate plenty of future promise. The loudest cheers are reserved for the songs most people actually know: ‘Veins’, ‘Bitter’ and ‘I Want What You Got’, but while Palace don’t lack anything in the songwriting department, if they broke the fourth wall and gave a bit more to their audience they’d be sure to find bigger and better stages.


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