Prolific creative polymath P-Rallel features in our latest In Photos series.

West London producer and DJ P-Rallel has been making waves for quite some time already. Having gained notoriety playing parties from a young age, earning a reputation for his high-octane dynamism, P-Rallel became a touring DJ for Lava La Rue and Jeshi alongside hosting a monthly NTS show. He’s also been focussing his talent on making his own sounds with last year’s official debut EP In Due Time further carving out his creative legacy. And this is all at just 20 years old.

His latest single ‘Packed Bags’ sees P-Rallel team up with Louis Culture for a skittering, garage-indebted cut. Infused with warm, breezy synths and agile, dynamic drum beats that intertwine with Louis Culture’s incisive, inimitable flow, the track is at once blissfully laid-back and infectiously driving. It’s the kind of track that would equally fit the sweaty, heady depths of the club as well as chilled summer days with pals. “’Packed Bags’ is about the adjustment to life being faster” P-Rallel explains, “trying to fit as much into 24 hours as you can: be it partying, in the studio, on a date, a phone call, or eating right.”

Already entrenched in London’s underground hip-hop and club scene, P-Rallel is a hugely sought after and inimitable talent, and he’s only just getting started. With more coming from him very soon, P-Rallel is undoubtedly one to watch and we’ll be keeping a close eye out for what’s next.

Been bike riding a lot since Covid-19 made an entrance… Feeling healthy, plus a way to still see the bros.

I do miss the stage though and the whole experience of going out.

Soon as the borders open, and I’ve made some money… I’m out of here! Want to go to LA however the way police are moving right now… I think ill reside in Barbados for now. Quick stop off at Amsterdam first though.

Also miss the fans and supporters the most.. talking to them in the smoking area, or inviting them into the booth… actually getting to know the people who like my content because I still find it bizarre that there’s so many of them.

I won’t say too much on this photo. ill let you figure it out for yourself.

‘Packed Bags’ is out now.