Why do you live in London?
I live in London because I was born there and it’s my home!

Where do you like to eat and drink?
My favourite place to eat is JJ’s Jerk Chicken in Harlesden because it’s home cooking and the conversations are great in there. And to drink at The Lexington before a gig.

Winter’s over, Spring is in the air, how do you like London in the springtime?
It’s probably my favourite season to be in London. There is a really special feeling of the new in the air and when the sun shines in London everyone is in such a good mood and you can feel that!

What makes a great day in London?
The days when I can just mosey about town, looking at records, eating chocolate bars and popping in on friends. Also, any day spent mostly in a park is a great day in London.

Speaking of which, favourite outdoor space?
Hampstead Heath.

Which gig venues do you like?
Village Underground, The Lexington, Oval Space and Corsica Studios.

And the best show you’ve played here?
Village Underground for Lucky Number’s 10th Birthday.

Does London ever influence the music you write?
It most definitely does. I like to think you can hear it in the music. Just the mash-up culture that London in particular generates.

How would you advise someone to get the most out of the city?
As with any metropolitan city it helps to know people who are native. Befriend locals and get them to take you out. Avoid tourist traps. Be cultured and get ready to spend some money!

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