Orchestra of Spheres – Vibration Animal Sex Brain Music // Album Review

Orchestra of Spheres Orchestra of SphereFire Records – November 18th

You didn’t see this album appear on any of the assorted ‘Best of 2013’ lists. But no matter, I urge you to merely behold the cover of Vibration Animal Sex Music to revel in its bizarre barrage of snakes and apples – the love supreme of biblical partners in crime. But what does it all mean when combined with the lobsters and cymbals? Or the waterfalls and centipedes? It can only signal that you’ve arrived in the strange world of New Zealand band of musical misfits, the Orchestra of Spheres.

Returning with their second full-length effort, the leftfield rockers packed up their arsenal of homemade instruments – including a biscuit tin guitar, electric bass carillon and sexomouse marimba – and jetted off to Italy to record this nutty dose of cosmic slop.

And the results are truly extraordinary. Aided by the booming supply of September’s locally-growing fungi, the band hunkered down to get unhinged with their high-life inspired jams. From the infectious romp of opener Aby with its thumb pianos raging like crickets in the night, to the slick Krautrock bassline-induced paranoia of Numbers, the tunes never let up.

By the time you arrive at the electro-ridiculous pulsating push of Mind Over Might, or the LA Woman-style guitar riff opening Smash Hit #1, you’ll no doubt be convinced that music this kinetic, brave and outlandish could only serve the higher purpose of delivering you into a vibrational groove.


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