Heaven – February 24th 2016

We’ve all thought “damn, I wish I’d thought of that,” and Oneohtrix Point Never’s show at Heaven undoubtedly left everyone thinking just that. Taking notes from his time spent supporting Nine Inch Nails, the man behind the moniker – Daniel Lopatin – delivered a ridiculously impressive sensory overload without having to reach for a huge sense of scale.

On record, he can be erratic – his discography ranges from minimalist piano compositions to all-out electronic nightmares – but his live show tonight was deeply refined and surprisingly accessible. Everything he chose to play – mostly from R Plus 7 and his latest LP Garden of Delete – sounded magnificently huge, upbeat, and – believe it or not – danceable.

Lopatin’s use of visuals were a sight to behold too. Like a fully realised, live-action take on your average Tumblr feed, there was everything from unnerving tentacles crawling out of sinks to gibberish, story-driven scrolling text. All this played out underneath some of the most hard-hitting and deeply idiosyncratic electronic music that’s around right now (including what sounded like a highly messed up nu-metal take), conjuring up only one possible reaction: “holy shit.”

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