Warp Records – August 11th

Has Daniel Lopatin been watching Stranger Things? Because his award-winning soundtrack to Good Time is straight out of the same pulsating and edgy synthesizer playbook as the hit Netflix series. It nags your brain with its day-glo tension. And tugs away at your ears as it percolates along, never quite bubbling over. Until it reaches its 13th and final track as Iggy Pop drops in to croon about petting crocodiles over a woozy piano on ‘The Pure and The Damned’. There’s little wonder it bagged the best soundtrack award at Cannes earlier this year. And if the snippets of dialogue and percussive effects from the film accurately depict the dark caper- filled crime drama I reckon the pair will make a killer combo on the big screen.

Buy: Oneohtrix Point Never – Good Time OST