On The Stereo // May 2013

Superfood – Superfood

Unless you caught one of their brilliant live shows earlier this year, ‘Superfood’ will be the first you’ve heard beyond the hype and chatter surrounding Birmingham’s next superstars-in-waiting. And what an introduction it is – brash, swaggering and self-assured whilst somehow making the contents of a fridge sound completely vital. It’s special stuff made even more thrilling with the knowledge that this is only the beginning for Superfood.

Jagwar Ma – Man I Need

After the seven minute sonic sprawl of last single ‘The Throw’, Aussies Jagwar Ma give us another stretched out saga in the form of ‘Man I Need’. Over baggy beats and bubbling bass, singer Gabriel Winterfield casually lays down the gauntlet to an ex with the challenge of “let me show you, babe, all the man I can be.” The crushing blow of rejection never sounded so good.

Shine 2009 – Eurozone

If only the bankers of the world listened to Shine 2009, maybe the economy wouldn’t be such a mess. Let’s face it, the chorus of “it’s easy when you know how to do it, let’s make a profit” is so sexy, if they did everyone would be loaded.

LIFE – See The Light

“I would like to laze around but they say there’s more to life,” sigh LIFE on ‘See The Light’, as if they’d got the world weighing down on their shoulders. That is until everything goes widescreen and kaleidoscopic, the minimal beginnings turned into full-on, crashing fun.


Valleys – Hounds

Written down, the lyrics to ‘Hounds’ read like a poem. On record, they’re brought to life with a haunting intensity and ominous restraint over cold, sharp synths. The work of Montreal duo Valleys, it’s as chillingly serene as things get, the perfect mix of crisp

elegance and beautifully delivered emotion.