Ahead of her show at this year’s Wonderfestiwall, we caught up with Oh Land to find out what makes her tick…

Oh Land’s new album, the 12-track Family Tree, comes courtesy of some of her most turbulent times. The Danish composer and singer, full name Nanna Øland Fabricius, had a baby, moved back to Denmark after a decade in the states, and got a divorce, all in the space of a year and a half. From a place of uncertainty and vulnerability blossomed a new palette of sounds and lyricism, and Oh Land’s most intimate, personal material to date.

As well as writing her own music (Oh Land has collaborated with Thomas Bartlett on production on this latest record, her fourth LP and the first since 2014’s Earth Sick), Fabricius has also scored music for film (Netflix’s The Rain), theatre and ballet (Tivoli’s Askepot), as well as composing classical music too.

Family Tree is delicate and compassionate, Oh Land’s soft vocal accompanying twinkling keys and sparkling string sections. Fabricius will showcase her new material at various shows across Denmark, including one at Wonderfestiwall, where she’ll play alongside the likes of Ea Kaya and Iris Gold.

Ahead of her show, Oh Land talks us through some of her key musical moments…

Three words to describe my music
Personal, cinematic, melodic.

The first artist you saw live
My mom, she’s an opera singer. When I was young I spent a lot of time sitting in the wings drawing while she was on stage.

Favourite label
My own label, Tusk Or Tooth. I like being my own boss so I can decide how I want my music to sound.

The best venue to play
It varies from place to place, but Pete’s Candy Store in Brooklyn ranks up there. It’s always fun to play an unusual venue because you need to interact with the audience in a different way.

The best venue to party at
I’m usually being taken somewhere and I don’t always know where I am, but a lot of the parties have been like warehouse parties and pop-up events. Then again, my own apartment is a pretty good place to party.

Most underrated producer
That’s tricky, because some of the producers I love aren’t really underrated anymore, like Arca. But perhaps Mark Bell, who did Homogenic by Björk. That’s one of my favourite albums.

Best track to save a flagging dance floor
Rihanna – Man Down

An artist you’d recommend to fans of your own music
Lord Huron

A track you’re listening to on repeat
Max Richter – On the Nature of Daylight

A record that cheers you up
Blood Orange – Negro Swan 

Three artists you’d book to play your birthday party
Björk, The Smiths and James Blake

Oh Land plays Wonderfestiwall on Friday 16th August.