This month we’re heading to one of Berlin’s finest festivals – Pop-Kultur, with a whole host of local and national talent we’re highlighting some of our favourite acts we’ll see there, so settle in and get to know Odd Beholder with her brand new video.

Hailing from Zurich, Odd Beholder makes the most stunning, and somewhat surreal music – hooking you in with irresistible beats and keeping you there with her stunning vocal, it’s Melancholic pop music at its finest. Don’t believe us? Listen to the haunting but summery track ‘Uncanny Valley’ below. Then check out the huge variety of tracks that have inspired this brilliant sound below.

Odd Beholder play Pop Kultur festival which runs in Berlin from 21st – 23rd August

New Town Burnout – Animal Collective

Animal Collective confirmed my hope that psychedelic music can be accessible, digital and fun. They are uplifting and still deep. They can sing about a fruit basket and still make you feel like you’re in the Notre Dame (RIP). ‘New Town Burnout’ is not the track that influenced me the most – it’s a late one, I was influenced by the Albums Strawberry Jam and Prospect Hummer – but I listen to it a lot.

Metal Heart – Cat power

Moon Pix has influenced me deeply. I have always been into grunge – grunge is like a feeling from my childhood that never went away. It whispers: “Something is wrong with consumerism, with the easy deal we’re promised.” Cat Power gives us a more sensual, more spiritual idea of grunge. It is Nirvana reduced to a drawing on a tissue. ‘Metal heart’ features this perfect guitar play – how can chaos be so precise? The album is disturbingly sad and still criticises indulging in melancholy: “How selfish of you to believe in the meaning of all these bad dreams?”

XMASEVET10 – Aphex Twin

There is way too much electronic music that I should name here, but this is going to be an endless road, I restrict myself to this one. A friend told me he thinks that Aphex Twin is a reincarnation of a great classical composer like Mozart or Bach and I like that idea. And he has a tank. I mean. WTF.

Bunker Buster – Preoccupations

I heard Bunker Buster on Soundcloud and I have been a fan ever since. I have met Monty (Scott Munro) at a Chad VanGaalen concert in Cologne before their first album came out – and I told him that I am a fan, he was so surprised! Their sound has a ringing quality. It is hypnotising yet energetic. I associate music with colours, and I hate music that puts pink next to green (except if it is Animal Collective). I need monotony and dissonance to enjoy a song.

Floor – Micachu and the Shapes

Mica Levi has been a very important figure for me. She stands for the artistic bravery that I want to achieve. She can write string arrangements AND has a total punk attitude – without being a cynic. She collabs with rappers and R’n’B singers, writes great songs, has a distinct voice – what can I say? I’m in love.

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