PAN – November 9th

Cocoon Crush could be the name of a gimmicky new energy drink. But thankfully there’s nothing sickly sweet about the second album from English DJ and producer TJ Hertz. Since his PAN debut Flatland in 2014, he’s been perfecting his quixotic DJ sets in his adopted home of Berlin. His love of the unpredictable is on display here as he masterfully bounces between obtuse sound collages (‘Silica’) to dialled-in funky basslines (‘Deadlock’). Across its 11 tracks and 47 minutes, it’s painstakingly stitched together around a haunting central theme. Repeated spins reveal its tricked-out geekery, with moments of harsh distortion or woozy keys both charming in equal measure. It may be born on the dancefloor but offers a far more sophisticated and cerebral adventure.

Photo by Kasia Zacharko.

Buy: Objekt – Cocoon Crush

Live: Mick’s Garage on December 29th