Photo by Aleksandra Kingo
NZCA LINES has always had an innate flair for crafting irresistible grooves and shimmering, cosmic pop. His new album Pure Luxury, released last Friday, sees him take this to even greater heights with slick and otherworldly disco-fuelled vitality. With the record out now (on Memphis Industries), NZCA LINES takes us on a visual journey into his lockdown world.

From the first squelching beats, slap-bass rhythms and skewed melodies of the title track, NZCA LINES (aka Michael Lovett) lures us into a compelling, psychedelic and hypnotic realm. Each track on Pure Luxury bursts with kaleidoscopic vibrancy as Lovett’s off-kilter, heady pop befits the album’s name. Yet whilst that suavity and decadence courses through the record, Pure Luxury also directly addresses the pursuit of wealth and status in the face of varying personal and global crises and offers some of Lovett’s most raw work to date as his lyrics move away from the fictional conceptualism of 2016’s Infinite Summer and into the real world. At the heart though is Michael Lovett’s characteristic playfulness, and Pure Luxury is a transcendent slice of dancefloor escapism propelled by irresistible basslines from start to finish.

To celebrate the album’s release, NZCA LINES hosts an exclusive and luxurious virtual release party tonight. More info here.

Delve into NZCA LINES’ In Photos series below.

1. I’ve been spending lockdown with my wife in South Williamsburg, Brooklyn. There’s a big Dominican population, and now it’s summer they’re out all day playing dominos and drinking beer. People also set up BBQs on the street with little sound systems, blaring bachata and merengue music.

2. Most food places are now open and have made seating space outside on the street. This spot Caracas is a favourite – Venezuelan arepas, really tasty.

3. This is Eric from Caracas. He’s a dude. He’s Mexican, and he has a huge knowledge of different rums. They really went super secure with their COVID protections, until recently you had to order via an app and everything is no-contact.

4. These people have had this sign up outside their house for months, it’s very sweet.

5. We attended a July 4th BBQ (Independence Day). This is the first time we’ve really been at someone else’s house for a social event. There were just 6 of us, so it felt pretty chill. This is Angelo, who makes great music as Ang Low.

6. More BBQ action – this is Jose, who’s house we were at.

7. I can’t remember the dog’s name, but it was cute.

8. This is my friend Andrew Fox, another great musician, conducting a customary elbow bump farewell with Angelo. Better safe than sorry.

9. The studio setup i’ve been using. Just out of shot: the kitchen (it’s behind me).

10. Setting up to film my Rough Trade session. This is how i’ve been doing all my livestreams during lockdown: moving all my equipment into the living room because the light is better, and setting up a backdrop behind me.

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Live: Heaven – 28th October

Tickets and more info for NZCA LINES’ exclusive virtual release party tonight (July 15th) here.