nxworries-yes-lawdStones Throw – October 21st

Knxwledge and Anderson .Paak have certainly been putting in the time to establish their individual careers.

Featured on the work of hip-hop heavyweights such as The Game, .Paak has been turning heads which resulted in him signing to Dr Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment earlier this year. Producing for Kendrick Lamar and Joey Bada$$, Knxwledge isn’t doing too badly either. Already proving themselves in their own rights, Yes Lawd! is NxWorries’ debut album. Together, they show what happens when lyrical greatness meets a man who knows loves to intertwine different genres on production.

We may be feeling very autumnal at the moment, but Yes Lawd! easily brings forth those lazy, sunny Californian vibes. The whole record has a certain retro feel to it created by hints of soul, jazz and flavourful harmonies. Close your eyes to, ‘What More Can I Say’, and you might even think you are listening to some RnB from the ‘60s. Though the album is overflowing with 19 tracks, many of the songs are short reaching over the two and half minute mark. This allows for NxWorries to keep the LP fresh with a variety of sounds to maintain our attention.

That said, this is not the sort of album you will be listening to with a sharp ear. This record was clearly made to chill to and is perfect “canoodling” music. The duo manages to achieve the sweet balance of hitting us with throwback sounds whilst addressing some of the modern day struggles of love. We definitely hear this in ‘Sidepiece’ where .Paak sings, “One won’t do and two is not enough for me”.

NxWorries also show their humour on tracks like ‘H.A.N.’, which affectionately stands for “hoe-ass-ni**as”. The same angry, but witty sentiment is also used in ‘Fkku’ with lines such as, “I hope somebody comes into your house and pisses all over everything/And haphazardly their piss is very flammable”.

Anderson .Paak is one of the most exciting artists of 2016 and he proves his originality along with producer Knxwledge on this record. NxWorries provides an album mixing up vintage sounds with, love and laughs. It won’t instantly grab you, but it is guaranteed to put you in a great mood.

Stream: NxWorries – Yes Lawd!