Meet Norma Jean Martine, her new and anthemic release ‘Basketball‘ is an empowering reintroduction to her new chapter. Paying homage to self-acceptance and inner peace, the inspiring journey of Norma as an artist and a woman is something to take note of. The honestly in Norma’s music is a breath of fresh air and we can’t put it down.

“Writing this song was sort of therapy for me to work out if the first boyfriend was a rebound boy, or if the new one was. I was trying to work out why I needed to be with someone constantly, and why I was so afraid to be alone.

I was a person that thrived off of outside validation. I wasn’t comfortable with myself, and I didn’t love myself in a genuine, authentic way, so I needed continuous approval; as a singer, a songwriter, a woman, and a person.

 By never being alone, I never gave myself time to process the shifts in my life. I was numbing the pain with distraction and trying to fix other people so I didn’t have to fix myself. I didn’t have space to be me, I was afraid to sit with my shit and take responsibility for my life.”

Norma left her home town of London back in March and has spent the duration of the pandemic with her family, in New York, where she grew up. Norma takes us on a day in the life with photos below.

Norma visiting her dad at his car garage & workshop
Exploring the car work shop
Norma’s home made masks for sale
Spending some time with the family vegetable patch

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