Noga Erez // In Photos

Straight outta Tel Aviv arrived Noga Erez. It happened late last year as people started to notice her strong first single and video, Dance While You Shoot. She followed it up with a superb set at The Great Escape festival this spring and more recently, her impressive debut album – Off the Radar – dropped on City Slang.

Since then, she’s turned heads at a gig at the Pickle Factory. As well as hit Barcelona, Roskilde, Belfort, Gräfenhainichen and Vasto for festivals. And she’s capping it all off with her final date on August 5th playing VISIONS festival in London Fields.

All eyes will be on Noga. And expect to see and hear what we’ve been saying all along – that she possesses a rare ability to combine the cerebral and the viscerally daring in her forthright electronic music. She’s also no stranger to politics. Growing up in the Israeli capital she was born just days before the Gulf War started in 1990.

“Our way of trying to keep in contact with our feelings and fears, and of avoiding emotional detachment about everything, is music,” she says. “Human beings can come from completely different places but share a fundamental basis of emotions. In my opinion, music is the form of art or communication that expresses that most accurately.”

The fifth incarnation of VISIONS agrees. That’s why it’s again called in seven of Hackney’s best venues to showcase some of the brightest and boldest acts around, such as art punks Liars, Danish troublemaking chanteuse Jenny Hval, noiseniks Wolf Eyes and out-there Philly rapper Moor Mother.

Noga should feel right at home with that motley crew as she shares her music and world view with sympathetic colleagues. In the meantime, we were curious how she’s been enjoying herself as she darted around between London and Paris. So, we asked her to send us some photos of what she’s seen and done. Here are the results:

The first day of this trip to Europe was spent on photoshoot in London with the best team – David Evans styling and Timo Kerber on the camera.

Buddy the dog – she was assisting David & Timo all day on the shoot.

Day 2 in London! Having a serious conversation with my musical partner, Ori Rousso, in the cab to Monocle.

GEAR! Setting up for a session at Monocle studios.

Recording a live session for Monocle24 at their studios in London.

Then we headed over to Beats 1 for an interview with Julie Adenuga.

Me, stylist David Evans and hair designer Natalie Shafii, right before my London album launch show at The Pickle Factory.

Performing a brand new song for the first time in London. I can’t remember all the lyrics!

Onstage at our London album launch show!!

We have a tour tradition of taking photos of whomever falls asleep with some kinda food near their mouth. Here’s Ori on the way from London to Paris.

Ran, who plays with us live, with his little parody on food porn.

The hair extension bond.

Ori, our tour manager Marco and Ran. Beautiful people in sunny Paris.

In interview for Radio France.

At our AirBNB in Paris, trying on clothes for the show.

Some man love. Ori, my music partner, and Marco our crazy tour manager

The entrance to the venue for the Paris album launch show!

Our sound man Icio, Ori and Ran waiting with our stuff outside the Paris venue.

Soundcheck in Paris, the entrance to ‘LES BAINS’.

Les Bains. Speakers in the washing room. Looks better than it sounds.

Noga Erez plays VISIONS on August 5th