You know when a track’s so exuberantly infectious that you can’t stop listening to it on repeat? Well, that’s Nimmo’s latest track. Released earlier in March, ‘Do I Have To Learn It?’ marks a welcome return for the duo and sees them deliver a sublime slice of disco-infused electro-pop. We caught up with them to talk five tracks that have influenced their sound.

Following on from the release of their debut album The Power last summer, ‘Do I Have To Learn It?’ sees Nimmo further evolve their sound with shimmering disco and 90s house beats pulsing alongside crystalline melodies and blissful, harmonic vocals. Capturing the emotional rush of dancefloor euphoria, ‘Do I Have To Learn It?’ marks a distinct sonic shift and greater confidence for the duo and hints at more great things to come from them soon.

Speaking on the track Nimmo detail, “we’d been working in quite a solitary way for a couple of months when we made this track. I think at this point we were both really craving a night out. We both felt like we were on a roll, so the nights passed quickly.” And, as that longing for the club is something we can all relate to right now, turn this up loud at home and enjoy.

From George Harrison to Marina Trench, get to know Nimmo In Five…

Saada bonaire – So Many Dreams

Such a beautiful track. There is something in the energy of it that is just the most perfect feels.

Marina Trench – Water Side

This is a tune! Such a great groove. Being quarantined with this on the playlist has resulted in some passionate hoovering sessions haha. Inspiring and fabulous piece of music.

Roisin Murphy – Plaything 

We’re big fans of Roisin, but recently have found myself going back to listen to this classic a lot. It’s the ultimate mood changer.

M. F. S: Observatory – F3

Just because it’s beautiful and I have rinsed this loads and loads recently. You have to catch the bliss where you can in life and this track always calms my mood.

George Harrison – My Sweet Lord

Some how only discovered this track a few months ago and think it’s got to be one of the best ever written. It’s a big tear jerker! It’s nice when you discover these kinds of tracks later in life. It reminds us why writing songs will always be at the heart of our project.

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Photo credit: Roxy Lee