Niki-the-Dove-Everybodys-Heart-Is-Broken-Now-2016Ten Records – April 8th

It’s been four years since Niki & The Dove left us without a dope beat to step to. The Swedish duo hit hard with electro­pop stomper ‘The Drummer’, but their full­-length debut struggled to match its impact. Everybody’s Heart Is Broken Now fairs better than its predecessor by taking an emancipatory trip to early-80s Manhattan. R&B and disco influences abound on tracks like the life­-giving ‘You Stole My Heart Away’ and the lavish, Michael Jackson­-esque ‘Play It On My Radio’. Sure, the sonic references are heavy, but the ascendant, seven-minute­ closer ‘Ode To The Dancefloor’, with its refrain, “Leave me in the glow with you”, serves as a rapturous love note to the night, as well as the overwhelming feeling once the record closes.

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