Because Music – January 27th

Godin’s follow-up to Contrepoint is less complex and classically minded than its Bach-inspired predecessor, but is again motivated by a single theme, that of architecture – Godin is a graduate in the field and has composed a site-specific tribute to modernist structures. But shorn of its sense of place, does it work for a listener inhabiting, say, a Barratt semi? If they favour the sonorous ambience of Godin’s primary band, Air, then probably, though this album’s layered electro-pop is slighter.

Guest vocalists include Alexis Taylor and, on the catchy ‘Back To Your Heart’, Kate NV, while Godin’s overuse of the vocoder taints ‘The Border’s ethereal drift like a garish paint-job on a minimalist façade. It’s the album’s instrumental infrastructure – its taut beats and warm synths – that give most pleasure; firm foundations, at least.

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