Given their reluctance to adhere to one particular genre, perhaps Off Bloom is a fitting title for the volatile Danish trio. As ‘Love To Hate It’ threatens to flourish into sugary pop terrain, crunching guitars and a jarring synth hook send it hurtling into more fascinating territories. The same goes for the ambiguous ‘Orchid’, four minutes of seductive and hypnotic chorus buried amongst ominous, layered vocal samples and destined to nestle within many end of year lists. Crucially, unlike the majority of their contemporaries, Off Bloom refuse to blossom and flaunt their musical wares in any sense considered conventional. And they’re all the better for it – a genuinely beguiling prospect that proves impossible to ignore. On the strength of Love To Hate It, their debut EP, Off Bloom’s dominance of 2017 is assured, fuelled by the mystery of which genres may be confronted, channeled and explored further.

OF 2017