Armed with syrupy drawl delivery and swaggering bravado, Kaiydo is unlike any rapper we’ve heard for some time. Heralding from Orlando, Florida and startlingly patient in delivery, he instead pursues infectious choruses, his sluggish flow providing the foundation for them to detonate with undeniable abandon.

So far, we’ve been treated to ‘Fruit Punch’, which boasts the hallmarks of the greatest, heady hip-hop anthems – all explosive hooks and mischievous lyrical barbs. In contrast, the rapper’s woozy wordplay on ‘Arcade’ sounds so effortless he might as well be mumbling in his sleep, at odds with its razor sharp content and the delirious bounce of ‘Reflections’, another extraordinary offcut. While we savour each outstanding single, Kaiydo will continue to fascinate in 2017. “No talking, I rather action”, he declares on ‘Arcade’, his languorous persona perhaps concealing a steely determination in those words. You’d be foolish not to come along for the ride.

OF 2017