I don’t think Dream Wife ever expected it would be like this. A band that started out without any real intention of actually being a band (they formed initially, as they’re no doubt bored of hearing repeated by now, for a performance art piece during their time at art school in Brighton), the London/Icelandic trio – Rakel Mjöll (lead vocals), Alice Go (guitar and vocals) and Bella Podpadec (bass and vocals) – have since grown into one of the most exciting and anticipated acts in the UK.

While the attention and adoration they’ve gained over the past twelve months might have come as a surprise to them, it certainly hasn’t to the rest of us. Listening to Dream Wife feels a bit like that time back in Fresher’s Week where you found yourself experiencing the sticky floors, cheap pints and blaringly loud PA of your university town’s basement venue (RIP Cardiff Barfly) for the first time all over again – it’s fun, exciting, and just a little bit scary all at the same time. The combination of Rakel’s menacing lyrics (“I’m gonna fuck you up / I’m gonna cut you up / I’m gonna fuck you up,” she promises on single ‘FUU’) and hypnotising vocal delivery, Alice’s wriggling guitar licks that refuse to stop playing on a loop in your head, and Bella’s big, driving basslines, Dream Wife fill you with a youthful exuberance and a lust for life you probably long forgot was a feeling your brain was even capable of mustering.

Despite their already huge, catchy choruses, their irresistible combination of fun and fury, and their explosive and exhilarating live shows, you somehow you get the sense Dream Wife are barely even getting started yet – and with a debut full-length due at some point over the next year, I hope they’re getting themselves ready for a busy 2017.

OF 2017