13576858_589361144577558_8977560144420205276_o-300x300Cinematic – September 30th 

The story of Public Access T.V. is one that perfectly lends itself to an enticing press release. Born in the hot bed of cool, New York. Connections to Nashville brat-rock superstars Be your Own Pet. A gas explosion that destroyed their shared apartment a few days after making a splash at SXSW, leading them to extend their tour. It’s all here.

There’s plenty, then, that’d get even the hardiest cynic intrigued to hear what this all brings to their long-awaited debut Never Enough. Disappointingly, the answer is not very much.

Though their live shows are packed with the sort of ramshackle energy that made the post 2000s rock ‘n’ roll revival so exciting, Never Enough feels decidedly safe. It wears its inspirations on its sleeve, with “Summertime” apeing T-Rex’s sparkling glam rock, and most everything else following The Strokes’ Guide To Rock ‘N’ Roll to a tee.

Where Public Access T.V. try something a bit different, as on disco stomper “I Don’t Wanna Live In California”, all racing guitar solos and toe-tapping rhythms, that verve comes through in spades.

But the majority of Never Enough is akin to “In Love and Alone”: boisterous, fun but trite; almost completely devoid of originality. Everything seems too clean. Too unadventurous. The New York foursome have the energy inside them, it’s clear. They just need to let it loose.

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