Smalltown Supersound – October 19th 

Neneh Cherry albums don’t come around often enough. Only her fifth solo LP in a career dating back to the 80s, Broken Politics is exactly the kind of thing our ears need to encounter more regularly.

Taking a stand against the ongoing shitshow that is the world in an elegant but damning manner – she’s not mad, just, y’know, disappointed – Cherry exudes as much class and wisdom as ever, while Four Tet’s masterful production provides a tremendous backdrop of electronica, dub and jazz.

Whereas much of the album explores the current societal malaise, the allusion to the American Civil War in “Shot Gun Shack” points to how deep the problems she addresses run. That they inspire music as great as this is a small but significant silver lining.

Photo by Kim Hiorthoy.

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Live: Roundhouse on February 14th