Naomi Banks is a powerful female vocalist. Having worked with musicians including Laura Mvula, Keane, ELO & more, she is now pursuing her solo path. We caught up with the singer to find out about a few tracks that have influenced her debut EP, Deja Vu.

Last month, Naomi banks released her debut EP: Deja Vu – a buttery blend of genres coined as ‘neon soul’. The E.P release was accompanied by the announcement of a 3 date headline mini-tour in London in partnership with Dice taking place at The Servant Jazz Quarters, St Pancras Old Church and The Waiting Room.

As a vocalist, Naomi Banks has worked with a slew of established musicians including: Laura Mvula, Gareth Malone, ELO, Keane & more. Her musical talent saw her gain two scholarships at leading London music colleges. Since opting to follow her own creative journey she released her first two singles prior to the EP: ‘Hourglass’ and ‘Anything’, both of which received a range of press acclaim and radio time.

Her EP, Deja Vu, stands strong as an advocate of the rich and timeless message of catharsis- making music from the soul. Each of the songs on her 5 track debut uses her electric style of soul to tell a different story from a difficult few years in her life. She said “The EP is a collection of songs I have written over the past few years. Each track has been inspired by someone close to me.”

We caught up with the singer-songwriter to find out about a few tracks that have influenced her sound.

Jaigantic- Tora, Galimatias remix

There are some beautiful vocals on this track and I love all the sounds used in the drop. For a while I’ve been experimenting with blending more electronic/synth aspects with R&B and Soul – this track hits that spot perfectly.

Daydream in Blue- I Monster

I love the way this song shifts. It’s all chill, like you’re walking through a field and then that chorus hits and it transports you somewhere completely different.

Laputa- Haitus Kaiyote

I love Hiatus Kaiyote in general but this…Everything about this production 🙌🏽 –
Also the way Nai Palm says ‘Miyazaki frontier’… whatever that is. Words don’t have to make sense to you to be beautiful – it’s all about the way they sing them.

I Remember You- Bjork

I’m a big believer in ‘less is more’ – and I’m a big believer in Bjork. Love the beauty and simplicity of this arrangement and when her voice is all gravelly…this track gets me every time.

Slow Dancing in the dark- Joji

I listen to this track all the time – there’s so much emotion and I love the synths in the chorus, before going right back down for the verses. That ebb and flow is what makes his music work so well.

Grab tickets for Naomi’s mini-headline tour taking place December – March.