August 7th – Qwerky Entertainment

It’s been three years since South London rapper Nadia Rose released her debut EP, Highly Flammable. During that period (2017), there was a lot of hype around her name and the project was a snack for fans to nibble on ’til she released her debut album. Unfortunately, she got caught up in a bad music deal and could only occasionally feed her fans singles and freestyles. Now, however, it’s a new era for the rapper and her supporters. To celebrate her artistic freedom, and prepare listeners for an era of consistency, she has released First Class

On the opening track ‘Sugar Zaddy’, her witty lyrics and rhyme skills shine as she drops braggadocious lines. In the song she raps, “Big titties that resemble the racks // Cat, fat like the rest of the stack.” Meanwhile, on the Gemini anthem ‘Too Bad’ she adds another melodic hook to her collection while rapping about what it’s like to be in a relationship with Geminis.

First Class is like a Christmas present you can’t wait to open. In this case, 6th of August is Christmas Day, and ‘Werk It Out’ and ‘Higher’ are the rapper’s gifts to listeners. Beyond the fact that both are fresh (never been heard before) songs, Nadia Rose hits high notes like Adele over guitar riffs and smooth harmonies on ‘Higher’. While on ‘Werk It Out’ the touch of the bass guitar in the beat makes it a standout production-wise.

Nadia Rose is a confident rapper who will flaunt her endowments whenever she gets the chance to and, with the EP title, she asserts that she is in a class of her own. Also, on songs like ‘Sugar Zaddy’ and ‘Bad N Boujee’ her verses come with Swagger. On the latter, she says, “Already know I’m a cocky bitch.” Her hilarious descriptions lead to spit-take moments that make her a captivating rapper who holds your full attention. First Class might be a 5-track project, but it’s filled with anthems from start to finish, leaving listeners thrilled ’til the end.

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